I Believe I'm Loved!

Parents can show how very much they are loved by spending time with them. Children will feel loved when parents are interacting with them and taking an interest in them. Being actively engaged with your child will give them the confidence they need in life to feel that wherever they go or whatever they do, they are loved by their parents and family! When children feel loved, they will be kinder, more thoughtful and empathetic towards others.
This month we are going to explore Chili Pepper Red! The EQ skills that children can focus on are: empathy, developing self confidence, and learning how to listen well to others.


Neighborhood "Wow!" Walk

Take a walk around your neighborhood with your child. Look for things that make your child feel "Wow!" Some suggestions might include the smell of freshly mowed grass, a playground, the warm sunshine, or seeing a friend. Ask your child to tell you why they feel "Wow!" When you get home, draw a picture of your "Wow!" walk!

Be Good, Be Kind, Be Nice!

Sing the "Be Good, Be Kind, Be Nice" song with your child. When you are running errands or driving in the car, look for people "being good, being kind and being nice." Discus what each person is doing to exemplify each character trait. Ask your child to list ways in which he/she could be good, kind and nice at home, at school and with friends.

Make Someone Feel "Wow!"

Ask your child to help you think of someone in the neighborhood (a friend, teach or community helper such as a fireman) who he/she thinks is special. Talk with your child about the importance of showing appreciation. Bake cookies, make a card or draw a picture and leave them a "Wow!" surprise. If possible, try to watch their expression and joy in being the recipient of such a kind gesture. Your child will feel great to make someone else feel happy. Try to incorporate as many opportunities to make someone feel "Wow!" as possible. Children will learn that it feels wonderful to give and be thankful for the people in their lives.

You Are My "Wow!"

Take a moment to decorate a big red heart with everything your child does to make you feel happy and proud. You may want to include words such as, great helper, kind, gives great hugs, nice to animals, etc. Hang the heart in your child's room so that whenever they see it they will be reminded that they make someone feel "Wow!"

Activity Sheets

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Books to Read

I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem
By: Jamie Lee Curtis

Children will love this book with humorous illustrations and the message of self-acceptance.

Nobody Laughs at a Lion
By: Paul Bright

Pa Lion is not impressed by the animals' laughter as he struggles to find what he does better than

the rest. There is something he is best at and soon nobody laughs at a lion.

Let's Talk About It:

• How many feelings can you name?
• What makes you feel happy?
• What makes you feel sad?
• How can you make others feel happy?
• Think of a time you had to use your words

   to solve a problem with a friend.

   What did you do? Tell about it.

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