I Believe I Can Do Anything!

As children are growing and learning new things, they are going to make mistakes along the way. Educators who help students believe in themselves are teaching them a lifelong lesson that will help in all they try to achieve. Children will take more educational risks and have ownership in their learning when they believe they can do anything!

This month we are going to explore Chili Pepper Red! The following activities will help students focus on: empathy, developing self confidence and learning how to listen to well to others.



Introduce vocabulary such as cozy, safe, warm. Brainstorm on chart paper what each word means to us. Break into small groups. Have each group work on a way to present their word to the class. It might be pictures of items that exemplify that word, a song or even a skit.

Be Good, Be Kind, Be Nice!

Sing the "Be Good, Be Kind, Be Nice" song with your students. Make a poster that says: "Be Good, Be Kind, Be Nice." When you see students being good, kind or nice, reward them by allowing them to write their name on the poster. At the end of each day, celebrate the students whose name are on the poster. Ask them to share with the class what they were doing to get to write their name on the poster.

"Mary Wore Her Red Dress, and Henry Wore His Sneakers" By: Merie Peek

Read the book, "Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Sneakers" by: Merie Peek. Children can make puppets and dress them in a variety of clothes: boots, sneakers, dresses, and coats. Color the clothing red.


       Sing this song with your students:

               Mary wore her red dress, red dress, red dress
               Mary wore her red dress all day long.
               Mary wore her red hat, red hat, red hat,
               Mary wore her red hat all day long.
               Mary wore her red shoes, red shoes, red shoes

               Mary wore her red shoes all day long.
               Mary was a red bird, red bird, red bird
               Mary was a red bird all day long.

(Children can get creative and sing about their own puppets. They can change the name and the article of clothing. For example: "Franklin wore his red boots...")

What is your Chili Pepper Red "Wow?"

Brainstorm what makes us feel "Wow!" Have each child draw pictures of what makes him/her feel "Wow!" Allow children to share their pictures and explain to the class why they drew what they did. Display the pictures on a "Wow Wall!"

Chili Pepper Red Day

Designate a day to be Chili Pepper Red Day. Send a note home asking parents to dress their children in red, send a favorite red toy and a red snack to share with the class. Try to use only red markers, colored pencils and crayons to write all day!

Role Play

Write some school conflict situations on small strips of paper. Some suggestions might include sharing toys, playing on the playground, making friends, etc. Pick one of the strips of paper and ask for volunteers to act out the situation. Discuss and reinforce how to use words to avoid conflict.

Crumpled Heart

Read the book Chrysanthemum by: Kevin Hankes. Discuss how she felt when friends made fun of her name. Make a large red heart. Pass it around and ask students to say something that would hurt a friends' heart. With each comment, they crumple the heart. Try to smooth out the heart. Children will notice that even when you try to say something nice, the heart stays crumpled.

Activity Sheets

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Books to Read

I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem
By: Jamie Lee Curtis

Children will love this book with humorous illustrations and the message of self-acceptance.

Nobody Laughs at a Lion
By: Paul Bright

Pa Lion is not impressed by the animals' laughter as he struggles to find what he does better

than the rest. There is something he is best at and soon nobody laughs at a lion.

Let's Talk About It:

• How many feelings can you name?
• What makes you feel happy?
• What makes you feel sad?
• How can you make others feel happy?
• Think of a time you had to use your words

   to solve a problem with a friend.

   What did you do? Tell about it.

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