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Dear Big Brothers and Sisters,

We are so happy that you visited this part of the "I Believe in Me!" website! Thank you for stopping by! We want you to now how special we think big brothers and big sisters are! Did you know that you have a very important role in your family? Being the older brother or sister makes you very unique! Your little brothers and sisters will look up to you.

They want to be just like you!

Share your "Wow!"

Talk with your little brother or sister about what makes them feel "Wow!" Draw pictures of your "Wow!" together. Look at what you have in common. Is there something or some things that make you both feel "Wow!"?

Be a Good Role Model

Remember, your little brother or sister want to be JUST like you! They will copy you and learn from you. Be a good example by using nice manners at the dinner table, helping mom and dad around the house, and being kind to those around you.


Sometimes it can be a little difficult being the big brother or sister. The older children often need to have extra patience with the little ones. They aren't able to express themselves as well, they take longer to accomplish tasks and might need more assistance. Remember that we were all little once. Be extra kind and helpful when they need it! They will grow to be kind, loving siblings just like you!

We hope you will stop by this section often to get more ideas of ways you can spend time with your little brother or sister. You will help them be the best me they can be!

Your friends at "I Believe in Me!"

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